The flow of tools to be restored and preset or measured in the high volume manufacturing process typical of the automotive industry is managed by CNC axes systems.

The efficiency, speed, precision and robustness required from machine tools and measuring systems are indispensable factors in production environments with personnel turnover occurring 24/7. The combination of STP Futura CNC with the advanced INTELLIGO tool management software allows meeting the needs of this type of production.


Tough materials, long machining processes and evolving complex parts are common factors contributing to the high cost per part in this industry.

STP Magis and STP Futura lines in manual and CNC versions can be used with RFID systems together with specific software for the recognition and analysis of physical tools. Profile scanning and inspection functions with multiple cameras allow sending the tool to the production department only after the automatic verification of all its characteristics and tolerances.

Energy and heavy machining

Large mechanical components are handled in this industry.

The STP Futura or STP Futura CNC, thanks to its homogeneous and robust structure, is particularly appropriate for the extremely precise measurement of large tools (up to 150 kg) within the shop floor environment. The axes’ and spindle’s positioning on STP Futura facilitates the load/unload of bulky tools and the access to the cutting edge.


The wide range of Speroni products, with over 500 possible configurations, allows Speroni O.E.Ms to define and offer the most suitable system based on the specific customer and market requirements. The software development and mechanical production carried out in-house by Speroni gives the O.E.M. the opportunity to customize the machine tool + tool presetter package, even with the supply of a complete turnkey system.

Medical and Micromechanics

This sector is characterized by the use of tools with diameters as small as 0.005 mm. The measurement of such small diameters, assembled on extremely small tool holders, calls for strong clamping as well as for high accuracy, repeatability and coaxiality values (< 2µm).<

These characteristics can be found throughout the whole STP SPERONI product range thanks to the mechanical structure and to the in-house manufacturing of the spindle and adapters. The possibility of configuring STP Magis and STP Futura with additional cameras and special optics with higher magnification (i.e. 90x, 120x…) is the optimal solution for measuring microscopic cutting edges.



The manufacturing process may be slow and complex, so the reliability and precision of measurements carried out with Speroni tool presetters, then transferred to the NC or CAM, are essential factors in guaranteeing the efficiency of a production process characterized by single batches.

The Speroni SPI solution and the data exchange with CAM and CNC are available on the STP Magis and STP Futura lines, as well as on units installed back in 1972. The versatile SVS Speroni vision system, with over 180 available modalities to measure the tool’s profile, and the BaseScan license allow measuring and checking the complex tool shapes typically used in this field.



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